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Beauty from the Depths of Chaos…

Original Artwork by Eleanor Chandler-Temple

This slideshow presents an exhibition by Eleanor Chandler-Temple previously on show at the Queensland Centre for Photography, Brisbane. Eleanor continues to produce artwork like this and her pieces are available to order online at this site. All pieces are available to purchase via this site.

‘The Chaos Theory is as fundamental to the formulae I use to create my digital art as it is in the creation of all things. Therefore “From the Depths of Chaos…” is fitting and descriptive of the place where the creativity lies…Creativity and Life.’ – Eleanor Chandler-Temple.

Original artwork by Eleanor Chandler-Temple

A childhood passion for mathematics led to the inspiration for the creation of this artwork. Eleanor Chandler-Temple creates images that begin as a mathematical landscape of colour and form.

Closely linked with the principles of astrophysics; the formulae are converted by a computer program into a skeletal digital image. Chandler-Temple acts as a creator and builds on the images with colour and form. The end result is her own landscape, her own universe.

Chaos Theory plays an elemental role within this work. Often referred to the ‘butterfly effect’; the theory of chaos works on the principle that initial conditions will determine changes and outcome. This theory is tested in the work through the use of different mathematical formulae at the beginning of the process which effectively determine the final image. Mathematics, science and art combine to create a beautiful, hybridised series of landscapes.

All pieces are for sale. Price is determined by the final printed medium and frame. Please see next page or use the contact box if you have an interest or query.

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